Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SuperPoints Tips by CMM&S

*Borrowed with permission from Canadian Money Makers and Savers*

New to The SuperPoints Network or want to join SuperPoints? Some information for you to help you get started:

Make sure to click the SuperLucky button every day! You can get 1 - 300 points on the button and if you get 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 or 300 points on the button you get a bonus referral link.  When you get a bonus referral link they last for 2 days and you earn the bonus points + 25 for each referral that makes it to Basic member.  So don't forget to click the SuperLucky button every day!  Mouse over "Get Points" and then choose "SuperLucky button"

Refer other members with your regular link and you get 25 SP for each referral, and 25 + whatever the bonus invite is if you have a bonus. To get your referral link click "Friends" then "Special Link" and you can put it on your own Facebook page, here, other fansites like Share it With Erik and on the "Forum-Invites" of the SuperPoints Facebook page (not on their wall).  If you get a spin with 25 points or more your invite link will be on that bonus spin, copy and paste it.  These last for 2 days, so if you need to go back and get it click "Friends" at the top then "Check Invite Status".  If your link is still active you will see it at the top and how long it's active for.  To get credit from your referrals they must get to the "Basic Level" explain to them they need to click on the email from SuperPoints and then click "Settings" when logged in and fill out their name, address and phone number to confirm they're a real person.

Superpoints has tiered level memberships.  Must complete the first tier to advance to the next.

Basic Level Membership: 30 spins per day, cash out at 1000 points.  You must have a valid email registered and fill out your basic profile in Settings.  No referrals required.

Gold Level Membership:  50 spins per day, cash out at 750 points and earn what your referrals earn on the SuperLucky button up to 1000 points each.  Requires two referrals at Basic Level. Must add a valid picture to your profile and fill out your advanced profile.  SuperPoints uses the information in your advanced profile to send you surveys you may be eligible for.

Platinum Level Membership: 100 spins per day, cash out at 500 points and earn what your referrals earn on the SuperLucky button up to 1000 points each.  Requires five referrals at Basic Level.

Other ways to earn on SuperPoints.

Click "Get Points" and check out the various offer walls.  You can check the offer walls for surveys, or other offers to do, like signing up for a survey site, or downloading a game and trying it, etc.

They send "Lucky Emails" every day which can contain 1 - 450 free points.  To make sure that you get these emails every day click "Settings" when signed in and then "Communication Preferences" and make sure that "Send me Bonus Emails" has "Yes" checked.

(Canadians) - If you haven't tried Netflix before there is an offer on TrialPay for 1500 SP. You click on the link, sign up for the Trial and you should get your points instantly. You need a credit card or PayPal and you cannot cancel for at least 3 days. It's super easy to cancel, you just go into your Netflix account and there is a cancel option.

There are also tasks every day. "Casino Tasks" come out every day in the evening around 5:40pm CST - 6:10pm CST.  Click "Get Points" button and then the "Matomy" button and then "tasks". The easiest to do look like: Answer a few questions about a website (Canada - Wednesday task #5) and are commonly referred to as "Casino tasks". You just follow the instructions on the page and then submit. Sometimes these tasks work, sometimes they don't. If they say "Finished" or "Thanks you've done all you can do" just go to the next one. If you get one that allows you to do some work, then the best advice I can give you is find the page and click on it, remember where it was on the google list (1st page, 3rd on the list) then wait about 10 seconds, then click on the "Featured Games", wait about 10 seconds then click on the box at the bottom before you fill out any of the work. If it doesn't give you a red box with an error you can finish the work and submit it.

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