Thursday, October 4, 2012

PackAways Review

PACKAWAYS Dorm Boxes are available in 4 colors and different sizes. The sizes include moving boxes and a large underbed storage size 36L x 24W x 6"H that would be ideal for extra clothes and neat storage where space is tight in dorm rooms. Moving boxes are engineered to erect and collapse instantaneously without tape, these are super for moving kids to and from school. Made from durable polypropylene, these boxes should last the 4 years of moving your children to and from school.
While ideal for this particular application, PACKAWAYS can be used for numerous organizational projects around the home.
Low cost and Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Corrugated Plastic, Protects from Water & Humidity
  • Instant Set-Up, No Tape Required
  • Reuse Hundreds of Times
  • Collapses Flat When Not in Use
  • Unique Wipe Away End Panel

I was given the opportunity to review PackAways Reusable Dorm Boxes to help my brother in his move to University and received 2 boxes in the colors green and pink and classic size. I was impressed at how quick and easy they are to put together. It's as a simple as push the ends together to open it and push down the inner panel. The boxes are also very durable and lightweight which is always a plus when packing for a move. There are two labels that use dry erase markers allowing you to mark whats in each box and erase it later when the box is no longer in use for this purpose. Once packed, the top panels fold down and lock in place without the use of tape; I loved this aspect of them. The handle holes on either side make moving the boxes so convenient.
Collapsed BoxPartially Opened BoxOpened Box
We opened the boxes up and prepared them for packing. It was super easy to manage and with the convenient size, we were able to pack all my brothers books and school supplies into one box. We used the other for his electronics, gaming systems, computers, etc. The boxes closed up tight and handled the weight with ease. We labeled the boxes and packed them into his car. We arranged them into his trunk and still had plenty of space for the other boxes we had packed with his clothing, toiletries and bedding. 

When it came time for the move, my brother's dorm was still under maintenance so he had to stay in another location. He got to this temporary residence and unpacked the things he needed or wanted to use. He commented many times about how the PackAways were his favorite boxes throughout the experience. A few weeks later when his dorm was ready to move into, he repacked the boxes and moved on in. He says he is now using the pink one as his laundry basket because when it's time to bring it out for a wash, he just has to push the top panels down and never have to worry. He gave me the green one to use myself and it has now been turned into a storage bin for my oldest sons school supplies and school work he brings home. We were able to erase the labels we had previously marked and relabel however we choose. 

I was very surprised by the durability and ease of assembling the PackAways. They were so convenient and to know that if its not in use by anything, it can be flattened just as easily and stored out of the way. If I move in the future, I'll be looking for more PackAways and definitely recommend them to anyone moving. The only precaution I could find with them, watch out for the edges when pushing in the top panels. I was careless and not watching properly and managed to cut my finger slightly on the opening when pushing in the flap. Other then that, I could find no issues with using these boxes. 

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