Sunday, February 5, 2012

SuperPoints! is as easy as checking your mail for bonus points every day and clicking the SuperLucky button. There are also videos, special offers and tasks you can complete for even more points. After you sign up with the invite, then follow these simple steps to win FREE gift cards and other prizes.

1) Fill out your profile and confirm your email address to maximize your clicks on the SuperLucky button.
2) Browse around the Special Offers for easy points. Get those videos!
3) Click the SuperLucky button!
4) Check your email for FREE SuperLucky points.
5) Ask your friends to join to get even more points!

Invite people to join the site and you can build your network. Once you have 2 invites who complete their profile, you'll have 50 clicks on the SuperLucky Button each day! Once you have 5 friends, you'll have 100 clicks!

Link to sign up:

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