Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Just starting my own blog as a place to put down opinions, ideas, whats new in life, Freebies and Giveaways I have entered and any other random things I can come up with at the time.

In recent weeks I have had a bit of a lucky streak with contests online which partially spawned the name of this blog. The Spider Monkey bit was inspired by my two boys who I swear have no fear of anything. Its not unheard of to see them climbing the furniture, flying from one bed to the other or just doing something so off the wall (or on the wall depending on the case) that it just puts one in mind of a spider monkey.

Since my luck has been pretty good lately, I will have a page for wins showing the prizes and what not that I myself have won over time. This will go along with the Giveaways I entered and post to give everyone a chance to enter and maybe post their own wins here if they wanted. Hopefully I'll get enough fans and followers that I'll be able to hold Giveaways myself. Until that time, enjoy my randomness and you never know when something useful might pop up on here.

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