Thursday, January 5, 2012 and a win

lol Okies another win this morning but this ones cute and funny and prompting me to share about The prize is salt and pepper shakers shaped like magic wands. I think its adorable for kids lol. is basically a site you share and tweet (hence shweet) videos to earn points. You can trade these points in on tickets to prizes they have running that week. I only bother to log in about once a week, shweet the vids, buy a few tickets of new prizes and on to the next thing. Nothing to it at all. When all the tickets have been bought (theres a set limit on each prize, plenty to get in on it) they draw a winner and email the person that they won the prize. Another thing with it is sometimes when you share a video, a little quiz will popup for you to answer. It is timed, usually pretty easy and gives bonus points or bonus tickets for prizes. The entire process is so easy to manage. This is actually my second time winning from them, first time was a book (Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte) but I know people who have won almost weekly on it.

*Note* I would highly, and I mean highly suggest making another facebook and twitter page not linked to your main ones for this. With all the shares, you'd be bombarding the news feed like mad. Thats why I dont have any of that on my main account, I see it on my other one and my god it would be horrible lol.

Just thought I'd share this out while I was thinking about it. It only takes a few minutes to catch up on the shares (a bit more when you first join since its months of vids to post lol but after is super easy) and you never know what you might get from them.

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