Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Introducing Miss Luna!

Luna Rose Whittle

Born: March 7th, 2012
Time: 5:58pm
Weight: 7lbs 4oz

     Our little girl finally made her appearance last Wednesday. She was 4 days overdue at that point. I woke up at 4am with hard contractions I knew were leading to the real thing. They were about 7min apart. I waited it out for a few hours and around 10am my Dad came and brought me to the hospital. At this point they were harder if I was sitting but more frequent if I was up and walking around so I called the Case Room and told them I was coming.
     We had had a huge snowstorm the night before so the roads were really bad. We took our time and went across to the hospital. I went to the Case Room, got checked out and was only 3cm and 50%. They wanted to see if I would make any progress so wanted me to walk the halls of the hospital until 12:30pm.
     Dad stayed with me for awhile but left to bring Brad to work around 12. I walked the halls some more and at 12:30 all but ran to the elevator to go to the Case Room again. They knew I was coming so let me in and checked me again. No changes. I was so disappointed. The pain was so bad but they didn't give me anything for it, nor anything to help me progress any. They just sent me on my way and said maybe I'll be back. I had an OB appointment the next morning so we were hoping she would do something for me if I went that long. 
     I went home and tried to relax. Justin was disappointed as well but got ready and went to work for the afternoon. Dad stayed at my place for the afternoon because I was so miserable. We got lunch for the boys and I tried to sit but it just kept getting harder and harder. Tried getting in the shower, as one of the nurses suggested, could barely stand up. Had to fill the tub and sit instead. After about 30min, it just got too much for me be there. I got out and laid down on my bed trying different positions but nothing was working. The contractions were unbearable at this point and so close together I couldn't time them properly. 
     It was about 4:50pm and I stumbled from the room to the living room where Dad was. The pain had hit a point that I could barely make it and I was shaking insanely. 

To Be Continued...

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